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Our hair colour reference chart is your reference to the hair colour spectrum for ordering your hair products. Featuring easy-to-identify, up-close photos of hair colours ranging from all-natural black to vibrant, eye-catching bright pink to sultry and sensual silver, this colour chart will help ensure that you get the just-right colour for your skin tone, scalp colour and natural hair. This chart can also be used to help pair hair extensions with top pieces and closures, or to help you choose highlight colours in your favourite hair pieces from our selection.

Please feel free to browse our list whether you are looking for something specific or you are scrolling through to see what strikes your shading fancy. We pride ourselves on offering a huge variety of colouring choices for your hair pieces, so you can shade match or find something out of the box and new to you.

ATTENTION: This colour chart is for reference only. All companies may slightly vary in colour.


  1B   2   4   5   6   10   14
16   18   22   22J   24   27   30   33
34   44   51   77J   88J   99J   130   144
280   350   370   530   613
PA18   PA27   PA30   PA350   PA613   PARD
F18/22   F27/613   P1B/4   P1B/27   P1B/30   P1B/33   P1B/99J   P1B/350
P1B/530   P1B/613   P1B/RED   P4/27   P4/30   P4/33   P4/88J   P4/350
P18/613   P27/30   P27/613   P30/33   P30/144   P33/144   P613/144   PM144/350
P2/4/27/613   P2/4/30   P2/4/30/613   P4/6/27/30   P4/6/30/613   P4/27/30   P27/2/30   P27/2/33
P27/4/33   P27/5/33   P613/6/30   P613/30/27   P613/33/30
T27   T30   T33   T39J   T99J   T99J-350   T99J-530   T350
T427   T527   T530   T1440   T1530   T2000   T4230   T4233
TM1B/350   TM99J/350   TM99J/530   TT27   TT30   TT33   TT350   TT530
TP1B/30   TP1B/RD   TP18/22   TP27   TP88J   TP99J   TP350   TP613
TPARED   3T30   3T118   3T240   3T613   TPT1B/30   TPT1B/99J   TPT1B/RD
TPT18/22   TPT27   TPT27/30   TPT30/18   TPT30-613   TPT39J   TPT88J   TPT350
TPT527   TPT613   TPT4230   TPT4233


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