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Join our new Points & Rewards program, available for all new and existing customers!

Register for an account, place an order and start earning points immediately!

Build up your points and redeem for a discount on a future purchase!


1.Register for an Account     2.Make a Purchase      3. Redeem Points

[toggle title=”How does the system work?”]For every £1 spent you earn 5 points & for each 100 points you get back £1. Build up your points and then redeem them for a discount! You can monitor your points score inside your account.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do I need to have an account?”]You must have an account registered with us otherwise the system will not be able to allocate and manage the points for you.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How do I create an account?”]You can create an account during checkout or by browsing to the My Account area on the top of the page. We will immediately award you with 500 points![/toggle]

[toggle title=”What about existing registered customers?”]All our existing registered customers have been automatically awarded points based on their past orders![/toggle]

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